THE WALLS is an artist led and artist centred organisation that supports artists to develop, make and exhibit current and experimental art on the Gold Coast. THE WALLS never has and never will charge artists to exhibit, instead striving to pay artists industry benchmarked fees for their work. THE WALLS operates on a not-for-profit basis and relies on a mix of public and private funding in order to sustain its operations. You can support THE WALLS’ exhibiting artists and program directly by gifting a donation. All donations are tax-deductible through the Australian Cultural Fund.

THE WALLS is supported by the City of Gold Coast through the ACCELERATE Triennial Grant Program 2019-21.
THE WALLS was supported by City of Gold Coast through the ACCELERATE Triennial Grant Program 2016-18.

THE WALLS has previously received support from the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland, City of Gold Coast, Screen Queensland, Regional Arts Development Fund, Bleach Festival and CIRCA.

Stone & Wood Beer.

–Leah Meehan –Amy-Clare McCarthy –Jolie Clifford –Julie Pitts –Daniel Mudie Cunningham –Mari Hirata –Naomi Middlebrook –Chloe Waters –Linden Stone –Lily Halton –Naomi O’Rielly –Kieran Ruffles –Leena Riethmuller –Michelle Vine –Chantal Fraser –Alyson Baker –Anita Holtsclaw –Kristian Fracchia –ANON –Tristian Da Rosa –Valerie Ross –Yannick Blattner –Lucy Forsberg -ANON –Alan Warren –Danielle Gauntlett –Benjamin Crowley –Laini Burton –Monique Montfroy –Sabrina Baker –Cherie Noble –Karike Ashworth –Ree Hegh –Ruth McConchie –Dhana Merritt –Paula Sexton –Magnus Opus (Archie Moore) –David M Thomas & Suzanne Howard –Catherine Sagin –Rachael Archibald –Courtney Pederson –Mariam Arcilla –Kim Demuth –Nat Paton –Sam Creyton –ANON –Angela Goddard –Matt Malone -David Spooner –Barb Spooner
–John Spooner –Lily Halton –Louise Bennett –Matt Malone –Susan Ostling –Carl Dempster –Michael Deanshaw –Emma Collerton –Renae Belton –Nicola Moss –Valerie Ross –Danielle Gauntlett –Tim Walsh –Tony Parke –Julius Ross –David Spooner –Naomi O’Reilly –Elly Buttrose –Tyza Stewart –Rachel Conder –Julia Bridger –Cliff Smith –Erika Scott –Sebastian Moody –Alex Cuffe –Bridie Gillman –Kylie Spear –Dhana Merritt –Tallara Gray –Sam Cranstoun –Paul Wrigley –Jason Haggerty –Milani Gallery

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