THE WALLS ART SCHOOL program encompasses an array of artist-support programs including:
MIAMI/MIAMI INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE (with the other Miami in Florida, USA),
RETREAT (every Summer)

LOCAL ARTIST IN RESIDENCE: this takes place in our Mezzanine Studio from June-August. The three month residency grants the successful artist exclusive use of the mezzanine studio space, a stipend, professional mentorship in the development, installation and documentation of their work and a solo exhibition in our main space.

MIAMI/MIAMI INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE: innaugurated in 2016 with artist REBECCA ROSS laying the foundation for the program during a research trip to Florida. MIAMI/MIAMI alumni include BYRON COATHUP (AUS/2017), BARRON SHERER (USA/2018), JORDAN AZCUNE (AUS/2019), MINDY DAVIES (AUS/2020). The program supports a single artist to travel to Miami (here or there) for 10 days to undertake research, and to develop new work for a solo exhibition at THE WALLS. The successful artist receives a grant to cover airfares, accommodation, per diems and artist fees.

RETREAT: is a group residency of up to 5 artists in our main art space that takes place from December-February. A testing ground for new ideas and research, RETREAT brings together a group of local artists for 8 weeks with the aim of making time and space to consider, consolidate and potentially collaborate on new work. Successful artists participate in weekly critiques and activities, and they receive a stipend, and professional mentorship in the development, installation and documentation of their work. RETREAT culminates in an OPEN STUDIO event that coincides with our annual program launch.

SITE A.I.R: supports experimental practice with the aim of aligning artists and ideas with time, space and support to develop a site specific project at THE WALLS.

Look out for our annual OPEN CALL  for applicants for our studio programs.


The Elanora studio space is provided by FOUND, a City of Gold Coast pilot initiative delivered by the City’s Arts and Culture Unit. FOUND encourages, enables and facilitates the connection between creative practitioners and council facilities.

NICHOLAS TOSSMANN is an emerging artist whose practice introspectively investigates his notions of being a contemporary artist as part of his philosophical search of self and purpose. Tossmann explores these ideas methodically by analysing and exploring his perceptions of art, and the process of researching, making and critically reflecting as subjects for work. This self-reflexive method of working utilises: text, mapping, performance, audio, video and installation. Tossmann’s work aims to give the viewer an insight into his methodologies of practice as an artist and provide an opportunity for a more conscious and introspective experience of work. Nicholas is also interested in engaging audiences in public spaces through collaborative processes.

LILI MIKAMI examines identity through the duplicity of her mixed socio-cultural background in Australia. Lili’s work uses her lenses as a Japanese-Australian with lived experiences in each country and the Philippines as catalysts to the exploration of culturally linked experiences, memories and gaps in cultural knowledge. In 2020, Lili will graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts: Visual Arts, at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). In her final year of her degree she has interned with Metro Arts as a Exhibition Programs Assistant and co-founded a short-term Ari Lemonade Stand.


The Elanora studio space is provided by FOUND, a City of Gold Coast pilot initiative delivered by the City’s Arts and Culture Unit. FOUND encourages, enables and facilitates the connection between creative practitioners and council facilities.

EDEN TOKATLY works at the intersection of art and technology, employing light, audio, traditional mediums and a multidisciplinary approach to create interactive works. Eden’s recent experiments work with data as a tool across performance, interactive installation and graphic design, to bring attention to current global issues. These issues often centre around the law and her studies in study Law and Art at Bond University. From translating stock market data into musical scores, using audio to raise awareness about sexism in the legal industry, or coded art that reflects the increase of domestic violence during isolation – these innovative data visualisation techniques show the viewer something that the numbers alone cannot.

MELISSA SPRATT is an emerging artist who completed her Bachelor of Digital Media with Honours, majoring in Fine Art at the Queensland College of Art. Spratt has works across various mediums including painting, photography, drawing and printmaking, with her textile and soft sculpture works assembled from finger-knitted yarn are her current focus. Melissa has been the recipient of a number of grants and was the winner of the Queensland Regional Art Awards Textile Category in 2020.


A testing ground for new ideas and research, SUMMER RETREAT brings together 4 local artists for 8 weeks with the aim of making time and space to consider, consolidate and potentially collaborate on new work.

SKYE JAMIESON completed a Bachelor of Visual Art, Majoring in Print-Media and Drawing, at the Australian National University School of Art and Design in 2017. Skye’s work moulds and shapes paper, pulp and canvas using an array of media including bleach, olive oil, pure pigment, china clay and oil paint. Her work reveals abstract formations that hang, lean and in some cases slump or bend in response to their environment. Her minimal works communicate silent observations, subtly capturing feelings and the quiet intensity of her environment.

BRODIE O’LOUGHLIN is a painter and sculptor whose work echoes elements of Arte Povera, Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art. Brodie employs sketching, drawing, photography and digital media to manipulate imagery as well as working with an array of mixed media including acrylic, enamel, impasto, oil, charcoal, bandages, ink, paper, recycled plastic, dirt, rocks, plant matter and found objects. Brodie graduated from Miami State High School in 2020 and was selected to exhibit in the 2020 Creative Generation Excellence Awards In Visual Art.

JOHN ANTHONY FORNO is an interdisciplinary artist whose work draws from childhood memories through the vehicles of play, environment, scale and nostalgia. These memories are bridges between past and present driving an ongoing inquiry into the relationship between play and its effects on self-esteem. John references a range of disciplines and ideas including psychology, Gestalt theory and 80’s and 90’s popular culture. Whilst not defined by any particular medium, he frequently employs ready-made materials and found objects reminiscent of his youth. Through a process of play and self-discovery he recontextualises materials and theoretical research to form visual motifs, ritual acts and symbols synonymous with childhood and adolescence.

LOWANA DAVIES creates art that aims to make you feel different. More alive. More aware. More in touch with your human instincts and desires. Her growing body of work examines ideas surrounding bio-philosophy, decolonising futures and performance.​ Lowana’s work seeks to disrupt passivity and inspire real human connection via a highly experimental approach. Lowana performs as part of collaborative project UMWELT Colectiove and has recently shown work at Outer Space and HOTA. Lowana completed a Bachelor Digital Media at Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, achieving the Award for Major Studio Art, in 2017.


A testing ground for new ideas and research, RETREAT brings together 5 local artists for 5 weeks with the aim of making time and space to consider, consolidate and potentially collaborate on new work.

GABRIELLE STANLEY is an emerging artist and graduating student of Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, Gold Coast. The key concerns of her practice are associated with memory, nostalgia and the differing values we place on the old and the new. Her focus has developed from a process of becoming older, and through her work as a registered nurse which has led her to develop an acute awareness of how we experience life, and more closely the end of life. Her works act as documentation of time, and time passing, and ‘of a time’, exposing the fleeting nature of childhood and the sense of mortality that becomes apparent in adulthood. Gabrielle’s practice is not limited by medium and she enjoys experimenting and refining work from many disciplines including sculpture, photography, film and installation. Her works play on the past and present, and may juxtapose the old and the new, or hybridise objects, to create a new way of seeing and an altered perception of value.

SALLY WRIGHTis a printmaker based on Queensland’s Gold Coast. Sally graduated from the School of Art, University of Tasmania with honours in painting. Her painterly abstract style explores mark making, surface, contrast and hidden meanings. Her process is centred around the building up of layers with new images and the creation of ghosts (traces left behind after a transfer) which are accumulated and then transformed into spatial compositions. Her professional practice includes solo exhibitions, residencies, and regular participation in group shows nationally. Her works can be found at Corinda Railway Station, Brisbane and in private, public and institute collections, including National Gallery Australia, Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery and Swinburne University. Sally works as a Projects Officer at Gallery at HOTA (Home of the Arts), and is a keen facilitator of workshops, tours or activations in the gallery environment.

RAE SAHELI majored in painting and life drawing at Central Gippsland TAFE, Yallourn campus, before relocating to the Gold Coast in 2009. Majoring in painting and printmaking Rae is currently undertaking an Advanced Diploma in Visual arts at TAFE NSW, Murwillumbah campus. In 2019 she exhibited at Wooloongabba Art Gallery, Murwillumbah TAFE and M-Arts Precinct, and collaboratively as part of Vivid Sydney in 2018. Rae’s work synthesises her study of visual art and a practice of competitive clay target shooting spanning 20 years. With a focus on drawing and painting using an array of non-conventional media and processes, her work sits at the intersection between deliberate and non-deliberate actions. Primarily employing a 12 gauge shotgun as her mark making device, these actions are captured on plywood, glass, polycarbonate, paper and canvas substrates, as well as in video format.

JAY JERMYN is a multi-disciplinary artist, designer and musician based on Queensland’s Gold Coast. Jay graduated with a Bachelor of Digital Media majoring in Industrial Design from Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, Gold Coast in 2018. Jay has exhibited at The Third Quarter and Urban Arts Projects in Brisbane, as well as undertaking a self-guided residency at Salamanca Art Centre in Hobart, Tasmania. Jay’s practice explores the intersection of the digital and the physical, identity, emotion and notions of self. His works are frequently layered, collaged and spliced together with the aim of creating multiple focal points, picture planes, and ways of looking and listening. Much of his practice including his sound works engage with digital manipulations and filters to create layered sonic and visual compositions. Sound is an integral part of Jay’s practice and he is a key component of the the collaborative music project Veople.

AARON CHAPMAN is a photographer and writer based on Queensland’s Gold Coast. Aaron’s work focuses on various modes of documentary making, with particular attention given to narrative through the combination of photography and text in book form. His work often considers people, their relation to place, and how societal forces impact the human condition. He is currently working on long-term projects on grief and masculinity, as well as documenting his hometown of the Gold Coast. Aaron’s poetry and prose has appeared in international publications while his photography has been widely exhibited in Australia including at Head On Photo Festival, Centre for Contemporary Photography and Bleach Festival. In 2019, Aaron was a Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize semi-finalist, and a finalist in the Australian Life Photography Competition at Art & About Sydney.

MARCH 2019

During the month of March KINLY GREY continued their study of light phenomena, this time as an experimental embodiment of ideas inspired by hermetic philosophy. The work is situated as a visual aid to inquiry, as a site to explore and understand the universe and how it might work. Through the use of a common light device, Kinly summons histories of art, image making, and astrological study, and conflates these with a kind of contemporary poetic reasoning. Specific to The Walls, Kinly makes minimal interventions in the space, yet brings the outside in, squeezes the large into the small, and, quite literally, turns the world on its head. ‘touching in the all’ is part metaphysical inquiry, part intuitive meaning-making, and a full and humble attempt to glimpse the divine. Kinly’s residency culminated in the exhibition ‘touching in the all’.


ADRIENNE KENAFAKE is a multi-disciplinary artist based on Queensland’s Gold Coast. Working across the mediums of sculpture, performance, installation and video she explores ideas of paranormality, energy and discontent within the context of the suburban landscape. The anthropological observation of suburban Australia persists as a common thread within her practice. In 2014 she exhibited her first solo show, Gutter Gold: Something from Nothing at the Tweed Regional Gallery in Murwillumbah, NSW, and has continued to exhibit locally in South-East Queensland including in 2015 at Swell Sculpture Festival and in Young Heroines at Maverick Art Space, Coolangatta, and in 2017. In 2019 Adrienne undertook a residencies at House Conspiracy in Brisbane’s West End and at Midland Junction Art Centre in Western Australia. Her residency at THE WALLS is centred around the DUPLEX project, a dual residency project exploring the uncanny parallels between hyper normal suburban environments in Western Australia and on the Gold Coast.



MELISSA SPRATT spent her time at THE WALLS weaving together notions of identity and ecology into an array of new installation-based works. Melissa studied at the Queensland College of Art, Gold Coast, where she completed a Bachelor of Digital Media with Honours, majoring in Fine Art in 2015, including an exchange at the Leeds International Summer School at the University of Leeds, UK. Her work spans various mediums including painting, photography, drawing and printmaking, and more recently textiles, design, sculpture, yarn making and finger-knitting. Spratt was the winner of the Radfly Youth Art Prize in 2017, finalist in the Border Art Prize at Tweed Regional Gallery in 2016, and held a self titled solo exhibition at Home of The Arts in 2015. Her most recent installation works explore landscapes, ecosystems and patterns found in plant anatomy. 

MAY 2018

TESSA BERGAN and ADRIENNE KENAFAKE are emerging interdisciplinary artists based on the Gold Coast. Their latest series GOLDEN BREED, which they will continue to develop at THE WALLS during the month of May, started with two secondhand gold sequined dresses; costumes that provoked performative responses.

Inhabiting the dresses, we felt a nostalgia that wasn’t our own but nevertheless seemed to inform how we made sense of our experience in this place; we felt at turns playful, frustrated, absurd, menacing. This seemed pertinent at a time where our individual movement from youth to adulthood is being matched by changes occurring in the place we call home.


LUMEN.CLOUD is an interdisciplinary collective based on the Gold Coast, with projects across contemporary art, sound and music, design, manufacturing, and public art. Lumen.Cloud manages a sophisticated yet flexible team of art creatives, manufacturers and consultants to develop projects at an international benchmark from an Australian base. The collective specialises in light, sound, interactivity and bespoke manufacturing.


Lowana Davies is an emerging artist living and working on the Gold Coast. Her growing body of work examines ideas surrounding feminism, the environment and the politics of performance. Lowana is invested in creating social, cultural and political change through her art practice and works across a number of platforms including contemporary art, dance and circus. Lowana’s practice is inspired by amusing and surprising moments, her immediate environment and performance artists Ana Mendieta, Marina Abramovic, Clark Beaumont, Pina Bausch and AES+F.

During her residency Lowana hopes to unpack the questions: How does the body mark place? And how does place mark the body?


Kicking off our 2017 Artist in Residence program, Michelle Xen will engineer a BENEVOLENT SYSTEM II during her three month residency in our Mezzanine Studio throughout Autumn. Michelle lives in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast and is a graduate of the Queensland College of Art, holding a Bachelor of Visual Art in Fine Arts, and a Master of Arts in Research in interdisciplinary practice from the Queensland University of Technology. Michelle’s interdisciplinary practice oscillates between visual art, pop music, and the boundaries of performance. Her body of works sit within a spectrum from the contemporary visual art world, the independent music industry, to a range of hybrid spaces associated with contemporary experimental sound and performance.


Ree Hegh is a visual artist based in Northern NS.W. Her practice investigates the spatial, temporal and metaphoric qualities of  domestic environments. She makes paintings, objects and videos often combining found or everyday objects with handmade crafts. Hegh’s work is innately a kind-of storytelling where the artist is curious about the potential for art to engage the viewer in an experience of the imagination. Hegh is in her final year of a Bachelor of Fine Art at Queensland College of the Arts, Brisbane. She has a Post Graduate Diploma of Multimedia Design  from Swinburne School of Design, Melbourne,  and a Bachelor of Communications from Southern Cross University, Lismore.


Ali Bezer is a visual artist and researcher based on the Gold Coast who has exhibited widely throughout Queensland. She has recently completed a PhD at Queensland College of Art (2016, Griffith University) that investigated visual and psychological affects of hearing unfamiliar sounds including computer generated cosmic noises and Musique Concrete. Her art practice expresses these abstract recorded noises through sculpture and installation pieces in which she materialises sonic timbres, tonalities and structures into visual textures and forms. Through her art Ali aims to elicit simultaneous feelings of uneasiness and curiosity in viewers, which she experiences while listening to unfamiliar sounds.



Scale Free Network (SFN) is an Australian art-science collaborative made up of two artists (Briony Barr & Jacqueline Smith) and a microbiologist (Dr. Gregory Crocetti). Their interdisciplinary workshops and interactive installations focus on observation of the micro-scale as a source of inspiration and wonder, combining drawing processes, sculpture and microscopy as tools for visualising, exploring and learning about ‘invisible’ worlds.


A descendent of the Nughi people of Quandamooka (Moreton Bay), Libby’s practice explores interpersonal neurobiology, attachment and trauma integration, and intricate relationships with people, country and culture.


Jason Haggerty is a visual artist based on the Gold Coast and is currently completing his honours year at Queensland College of Art, Gold Coast. The central concern of his research is the growth and rapid evolution of cyberspace, the ways in which intense streams of information are shifting the nature of human interaction, concepts of self, popular culture, social networks, advertising, and the duality of online and offline presence and the overlapping of online content into real life.  Utilising technology and new medias such as motion and body tracking, video, computer software, audio synthesisers and 3D modelling/printing, Jason’s practice challenges the conceived notions of art making, with installations and digital sculptures that place the viewer’s experience as paramount.


Hannah Smith makes work that stems from drawing. She creates installations, video, performance and sculptures that don’t care too much for formalism. Using punk as an analogy in her practice, her work investigates DIY ethics and performative methods through direct and immediate actions. Hannah completed a Bachelor of Fine Art at the Queensland College of Arts in 2009, and completed the Master of Contemporary Art program at VCA in 2013. She has been shortlisted for the The 2013 Substation Contemporary Art Prize, (The Substation, Newport), and The 2013 Luminescence Art Award, (Hotel Windsor). Recent exhibitions include Transpondence, (Good Times Studios) and DUDPROJECT #1.1: Failure Works, (Dud Space). In her current work, Hannah has been examining awkward relationships of sentimentality within the intrinsic value of ownership and music materiality.

THE WALLS acknowledge the YUGAMBEH people, the traditional owners of the land on which we operate, and pay our respects to their Elders past and present, and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples on the Gold Coast today.

THE WALLS is supported by the City of Gold Coast through the Accelerate Triennial Grant Program.


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