WHEN: 4 Nov | 2017


TIME: 5 - 8PM

Exhibition continues until 18 November

Glamour, machismo and the Gold Coast’s glitzy subtropical self-image: THRUST offers the provocation of symbolic displays of pointless power and pent-up energy with nowhere to go.

Yannick lives and works in Brisbane, Queensland. His practice is primarily concerned with the dichotomies, contradictions, and paradoxes of Australian identity. The temporal and phenomenological experiences of Australian culture and the adaption of identity are central to his investigations. Recently his practice has explored the commercial manifestations of Queensland’s sub-tropical lifestyle, capturing the byproducts of a climate that is simultaneously idyllic and unforgiving. Playing off of cultural clichés his work assesses the imagery and symbols of leisure items to question how they interpret larger cultural norms and social dynamics. Working across sculpture, installation, performance, video, and painting his practice embraces a funny/serious dichotomy with undertones of humour, mockery and satire.

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