Laurie Oxenford

WHEN: 19 Sep | 2021



>BYO Smartphone and headphones

LAST SUNDAYS is our monthly event program celebrating the final day of each exhibition. Join us and the artist in celebrating the final day of FORCES OF PRODUCTION.

Commencing at THE WALLS and live-streamed via Instagram @thewallsgc, exhibiting artist LAURIE OXENFORD and LAST SUNDAYS host MERINDA DAVIES will take participants on a tour of ‘unspaces’ in and around Miami.

FORCES OF PRODUCTION is a site-specific series of experiments investigating The WALLS Art Space, and by extension the public spaces of Miami. Over the residency period through a series of interventions and contextual habits, the artist explored the on-site gallery storeroom and the local urban landscape to collect found materials, objects and digital documentation/s that reference (formal and informal) urban systems and flows. Through a walking practice the artist intentionally and critically disrupted different places to reveal the *truth/s* of public space.

LAST SUNDAYS: UNSPACE aims to highlight new ways of navigating everyday public spaces, and to redirect attention to deeper and quietly present (physical and conceptual) layers of urban landscapes. Provided with a set of open ‘guidelines’, participants are invited to explore the spatial potentials of Miami. The performative and practical nature of the exercise encourages participants to consider how their behaviours are shaped by the ‘rules’ and systems at play in public spaces. Using the guidelines and your direct responses, you are invited to freely reimagine how these everyday systems might be reshaped simply by choosing to use public space in a way true to one’s own desires. This way of navigating is a way of reclaiming the urban environment and revealing new ways to experience and understand public space.

Please use common sense during this activity and be aware of your surroundings. Take care not to damage private property and to maintain social distancing where relevant. 

Take nothing but earphones, your everyday digital device, comfortable shoes and water.
You can change direction or finish at any point.
Complete alone or with others.
Choose one link below to navigate to a surprise destination in MIAMI. 




  1. Navigate to the pin on the map, but avoid walking on the designated footpath. 
  2. Document the utilities on your journey (these include water meters/valves, sewage or electrical manholes, NBN manholes, traffic boxes or other maintenance sites). 
  3. Take a photo of every chair and traffic cone you see.
  4. If you see a small rock or piece of concrete, collect it and carry it with you. Place it on the next utility you see. 
  5. When you reach your destination, mark your arrival 
  6. Wave to every security camera or surveillance camera you pass. 
  7. When ready, return to your starting point but take care not to follow the route you came. 
  8. Record the wheelie bin serial numbers (on the side of every bin) of each bin you pass. 
  9. Upload a selection of your photos to the SHARED ARCHIVE.

THE WALLS and LAURIE OXENFORD take no responsibility for your actions.

The artist would like to acknowledge Country and the Yugambeh language peoples who are the traditional custodians of the land on which she lives, creates and works, and to pay respects to Elders past, present, and emerging. In facilitating this activity, the artist understands that urban space and urban development is the continuation of colonisation. 


LAURIE OXENFORD completed Bachelor of Creative Arts (Spatial Construction) at the University of Southern Queensland before being awarded the Bellmaine French Appreciation Travelling Scholarship (2018). She then completed a Professional Attachment with the City of Gold Coast (2019) and Art-Work Agency. Laurie exhibited her fourth solo exhibition ‘Implied’ at The Third Quarter Gallery, Brisbane (2020) and was recently commissioned by the Home of the Arts (HOTA), Gold Coast to realise a site-specific wall painting. She is currently working as the Public Art Officer at Art-Work Agency and was previously the Lead Curator at First Coat Studios, Toowoomba (2018-19). Laurie is a part of the Generate GC program and works as a producer with Murals for Change.

This LAST SUNDAYS program forms part of LAURIE OXENFORD’s exhibition FORCES OF PRODUCTION at THE WALLS from 4 – 19 SEPTEMBER, 2021.

RE: Covid-19. A Covid Safe Checklist and social distancing guidelines continue to be followed. We will be collecting contact details upon arrival. We have limited capacity at the art space. Please stay home if you are feeling unwell.

THE WALLS acknowledges the YUGAMBEH people, the traditional owners of the land on which we operate, and pay our respects to their Elders past and present, and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples on the Gold Coast today.

THE WALLS is supported by the City of Gold Coast through the Accelerate Triennial Grant Program.



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